Week of Extreme Sports in Voss

Over the years Ekstremsportveko became one of
the most important events of its kind

Festival in Voss is unique due to the combination of extreme
sports, music, and stunning nature of Western Norway. Ekstremsportveko based on
a combination of four elements: kayaking, rafting, kite surfing and freeride
represent water element, skydiving, base-jumping, paragliding, hang-gliding ‚Äď
air sports; longboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking ‚Äď the representatives
of the earth element, and the hot fire – the musical component of the festival,
where the sound of soul, reggae, funk, hip-hop, R&B and other fashion
styles is dominating. Week of extreme sports gathers enthusiasts to ‚Äútickle‚ÄĚ
nerves and to test their strength on land, water and air.

Ticket for all days of the festival allowing access to all
sports and entertainment events costs NOK1300.

The program and list of participants of the festival of
music could be found on the website: www.ekstremsportveko.com

Note: The idea to implement an Extreme Sports Festival in
Voss takes shape in the winter of 1998. Today Ekstremsportveko is the largest
sport and music festival of its kind, and is hosted every year in Voss, Western
Norway. For one whole week national and international athletes compete and
challenge themselves in the elements. However, competitions are not always the
main focus for the athletes. The sharing of knowledge, when hundreds of top
athletes are gathering this last week of June, is just as important.  Voss Rafting Club, Voss Kayak Club,
Voss Hang and Paraglider Club and Skydive Voss are the four local clubs who
represent Ekstreme Voss. There are two people working in the administration
full time all year round. In addition to this, Ekstremsportveko rely heavily on
positive and hard working people. Every year 300-400 volunteers from all over the
world contribute to make the festival a huge success. 



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