Norwegian Football Finds Peace with Nobel Peace Center

Norwegian Football Federation and Nobel Peace Center signed an agreement that lasts until 31/12 2016. “Handshake for Peace” will involve several specific measures to create awareness and behavioral changes in football and to promote the message of peace in society.

Cooperation with the Norwegian Football Association gives the Nobel Peace Center a major new venue for conveying message of peace. Football engages many across geographical, religious and ethnic cultures and is in line with Alfred Nobel’s ambition fraternity, said the Nobel Peace Center Director Bente Erichsen.

Handshake for Peace” concept includes a special handshake ceremony between two teams’ captains in every game in the Norwegian football leagues from this year’s football season. According to the aggreement:

  • Captains will greet each other and the referee before kick-off in the center circle where a television crew will be on the path to transmit the audio and video.¬†
  • Captains will thank each other and the referee for the match in the middle of the circle through “Handshake for Peace”. A television crew will be on track for conveying audio and video.¬†
  • A breach of these actions can be punished with a yellow or red card.
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