Oslo Seeks for the Winter Olympics 2022

Oslo's Culture Commissioner and Acting Mayor Torger Odegaard and Vice Chairman of the Oslo City Council Ola Elvestuen  left a positive signal from Oslo to initiate a wider process together with the Norwegian Confederation of Sports (NIF) to present Oslo as seeking city for the Olympics in 2022. 
– Oslo is the world's winter capital, and we are willing to take on the challenge of posing as seeking city for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2022, if there is support for this in the sport and the people, said Odegaard during Open hours. 
Odegaard and Elvestuen clear that Oslo must cooperate closely with the NIF in further studies. Much of the work done for Oslo's concept of the process for the Olympics to Norway in 2018, will be taken forward in this process. But all the elements now require a close collaboration with the relevant parties. 

– This is a big and important event, it is an urban development project and an environmental project, says Odegaard. 
– Oslo can host major sports events. A new olympics in Oslo could be a celebration. The event must be viewed in a national perspective, and Oslo is dependent on having good cooperation with other municipalities, said Elvestuen. – I am glad that the sport's governing board has drawn up a specific geographic axis of the concept. All of Norway will see that such concept can lift the entire Norwegian sport, ended Elvestuen.

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