Petter Northug Embraces Ski Classics

Ski Classics is a cross country TV concept developed by IEC in Sports and consist of the 6 most prestigious cross country events in Europe. Ski Classics was launched 2010/2011 and has rapidly gained recognition in the cross country world.

It was also announced earlier this week that the greatest winter Olympian of all time, Björn Daehlie from Norway, will make his comeback in cross country skiing, joining the Norwegian Team Xtra Personell and who are set to compete in the 2012 Ski Classics events.

“The announcement that Northug and Dæhlie will compete in the Ski Classics is fantastic news and will further increase the focus on long distance ski racing” says David Nilsson at IEC in Sports, who has been developing the concept over the past three seasons.

“The popularity of cross country skiing has been increasing year-by-year, both as a TV sport and also among participants. With this exciting news about Petter Northug, this positive development will continue” says Jonas Persson, CEO of IEC in Sports.

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