World Chess Olympiad in 2014 will be held in Norway

In the competition for the right to host the Olympics, Norway has bypassed its only rival – the resort city Albeni (Bulgaria) – by a margin of 48 votes. Totally 142 delegates from member countries of FIDE voted. For the city of Tromsø, 95 delegates voted, while Albeni receives 47 votes.

Before the election, representatives of the countries made a brief campaign speech and a presentation of their cities. Norway was represented by the minister of sports and tourism, who came specially in the Khanty-Mansiysk. "I arrived on Friday specifically to support Norway."- said Minister.

The representatives of Norway in their campaign speeches told that Norway is willing to spend on the World Chess Olympiad in 2014 about 14.8 million Euros. For comparison – Bulgaria would put only four million Euros in the Olympics.

In addition, the sports minister of Norway said that her government is ready to allocate 600 thousand Euros to cover the cost of flights for Olympic participants coming from developing countries. Organizers plan to hold competitions in August 2014. The representatives of Norway pledged delegates that at that time there is a comfortable temperature around 20 degrees Celsius in the country.

Furthermore, Tromsø has met the criteria of well-established infrastructure and the proximity of all the sports facilities. By 2014 the city plans to build a Hall for the tournaments and Congress with the area of 8000 square meters.

Replying to a question from one delegate, the Minister of Sport of Norway noted that the government is responsible for financial guarantees of the competition. "I don’t think Norway will soon go bankrupt," – Mrs. Minister quipped.

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