Norwegian Handball Girls Lose Against Sweden in Final

After Denmark in 2006 and Russia in 2008, the Scandinavians have now become new champions.

After a balanced beginning in which the Norwegians were able to keep up to 3:3, the Swedes began to extend their lead steadily from 6:3 to 9:4. For a long time the Norwegians lacked the means to break through the strong Swedish defense and repeatedly ran into counterattacks. Only in a short sequence the Norwegians were able to achieve a more open match.

On the other hand, Swedish team's tactic was based on provoking of the Norwegians' mistakes and in return they started their fastbreaks.

In the middle of the second half the Norwegians hoped to turn the match around, but the Swedish goalkeeper Ame Ogbomo saved the five-goal lead thanks to some great parades. Afterwards the match was decided and the young Swedish women celebrated their World Championship victory.

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