Strømsgodset is First to Semifinals

Ranheim from Adeccoligaen (Norwegian first division) made it all the way to the quarter finals and hosted todays first quarterfinal game playing against Strømsgodset.

Despite Strømsgodset being the favorite team to win Ranheim was the stronger side at the beginning scoring the first goal to take the lead just after 4 minutes by Jo Sondre Aas. After the goal Strømsgodset started taking control of the game and got the equalizer in the 43rd minute by Muhamed Keita.

During the second half both sides had their chances to take the lead but Strømsgodset was first to score with Nordkvelle heading the ball into the nets in 27th minute of the second half. Rest of the game was dominated by Strømsgodset and the game ended 1-2 securing Strømsgodset a spot in NM-Cup semifinals for the seventh time.

The other quarterfinal games are as follows:

14.08.2010 (19:45): Rosenborg – Start

15.08.2010 (18:00): Follo – Sogndal

15.08.2010 (20:00): ODD Grenland – Viking

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