"Zero tolerance for violence and terror"

– We value free speech very high, and must accept that people have different attitudes. But we have no tolerance for anyone using the violence to achieve their goals, continued Stoltenberg, and emphasized that terrorism is very important issue for the government.

Not Verified Yet, So no prejudgement

Stoltenberg also emphasized that this is a continuning investigation and guilt question has not settled yet.

He thanked the security for the work they have done, and asserted that Norway is still a safe country to live in.

– People's safety is fundamental, and it will not be able to taken from us , "emphasized Storberget .

Aligning with Stoltenberg's explanations, PST (Police Security Service) authoritites pointed that the arrest does not involve a different assessment of the threat to Norway , the threat level is still considered low during the press conference.

The public is not in danger

– We have had insufficient control of the people in this period. The public has not been in danger , "said Janne Kristiansen, head of the Police Security Service. The people had been under investigation by the PST for a period. One or more of the arrested will be brought to the Oslo District Court to remand prison . Kristiansen continued by stressing that the communities in Norway which can represent a threat to national security are small and mainly involved in support activities to foreign activity .

The three arrested are:

•Male (39) of Uyghur origin. He came to Norway in the late 90th century as a quota refugee and was granted Norwegian citizenship in 2007.

•Male (37) with the Kurdish background . He came to Norway in the late 90th century and was granted residency on humanitarian grounds.

•Male (31) of Uzbek origin. He came to Norway at the beginning of the 2000s as an asylum seeker . This was rejected, but he later stayed in Norway on the grounds of family reunification .

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