Thousands Demonstrated in Norway for Supporting the Protests in the USA

Thousands demonstrated in downtown Oslo starting from the US embassy. In other cities in Norway, similar demonstrations were held in solidarity with the protesters in the USA.

It was planned in advance that only 50 protesters could meet in front of the parliament. In addition, 750 people with two meters distance would form a human chain through parts of the capital. Yet thousands of people showed up. Police said they focused on order and not infection control.

Many of demonsstrators had posters with “Black lives matter”, “don’t sit back and be silent”, “we want justice” and “we can’t breathe”.

People also commemorated the victims of police violence by kneeling down.

Thousands demonstrated in Oslo in support of Black LIves Matter, in front of the US Embassy and in front of Parliament….

Publisert av Britt Schumann Fredag 5. juni 2020

No infection control measure

Police said that they focus on peace and order and not infection control during the demonstration .

“The police and society in general value freedom of speech so that the police will not do anything even if there is a larger crowd gathered here now,” police chief Svein Arild Jørundland said to NRK.

There have been also demonstrations in many other cities including Bergen, Tromsø, and Kristiansand.

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