Oslo’s Main Street Closed against Possible Terror Threats

On Monday evening, Oslo municipality started to secure the Oslo’s pedestrian zone, Karl Johans Gate with flower boxes, benches and concrete rings.

– Oslo is going to be an open and safe city. We are not going to surrender to fear of terror, but we can reduce the risk of possible attacks, “said Raymond Johansen, City Council leader in Oslo to NRK.

The barriers are set up on the main street of Norwegian capital, Karl Johans gate, in addition to Jernbanetorget, Lille Grensen and Arbeidergata. Some of the obstacles are temporary, while the others are permanent.

– There is no concrete threat to Oslo. Nevertheless, Police intelligence service, PST is clear that the largest cities in Norway are possible terrorist targets when the global trends are followed, says Johansen.

Johansen emphasizes that the measures must be an integral part of the cityscape.

– We do not want Oslo center to look like a fortress,” says Johansen to NRK.

Last week , London’s anti-terror chief Nick Aldworth warned against a possible car terror attack on Karl Johans gate. But Johansen emphasizes that this is not the reason why the municipality now takes these measures.

– We have been working on this since the end of August, and it is not an acute situation. It’s quite accidental that his statements came out last week, but what he said reflects a bit about the seriousness of the situation, says he.

In addition to barriers on the streets, the city council also tightens the rules for goods delivery in the city center. Delivery in pedestrianized streets will take place between midnight and 11.00, and midnight and 09.00 on weekends. Now the municipality of Oslo has sent a letter to the police asking for help for stricter enforcement of the regulations, acording to NRK.

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