Norwegian Newspaper and Police Ask Readers to Solve 20 Year Mystery

Norwegian daily VG invites readers to help them to solve the mystery of a killing of a young woman who was found dead in 1995.

Norwegian daily, VG invites readers from both Norway and abroad to help them to solve the mystery of a killing of a young woman in 1995.

On 3 June 1995, a young woman was found dead on her bed in the Oslo Plaza Hotel, shot through the forehead. She checked in the hotel as Jennifer Fergate, but the name was false.

When she was found in her room, the labels on her clothes were removed. In the room there was no passport, no wallet, no money, no credit card nor any id or key. She even did not have toiletries or make-up – just a cologne bottle that was almost empty, according to VG.

It seemed an obvious suicide. Then it turned into a nightmare for investigators.

So far no one reported her missing. The unidentified woman was buried in a nameless grave in Oslo. But Norwegian daily VG’s Lars Christian Wegner has never given up pondering all the unanswered questions.

Now, in collaboration with the Oslo police, VG makes a final attempt to learn the identity of the “Plaza woman”.

By clicking below, you can read the whole story, investigate the interactive crime scene and help VG and the police to solve the mystery:


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