Norway Bans Face-covering Garments at School

The ban applies to all garments that cover the face including nikab, masks and finnish caps. It does not include hijab and caps or hat.

The government has worked on the bill since last autumn and presented it on Monday. There is a major consensus on the proposal. Labor Party (AP), Socialist Left (SV), Progree Party (Frp), Christian Democrats (KrF) and the Center Party have in the autumn supported the ban.

-Face-covering garments can prevent good communication and learning, says Minister of Education, Røe Isaksen at the press conference.

In 2010, the Norwegian parliament (Stortinget) rejected a proposal by FrP to ban burka and nikab in the public space. Although today’s proposal concerns only kindergartens and educational institutions, Minister of Integration, Per Sandberg (Frp) believes today’s proposal is a a clear message and success.
– It is a clear message that this is something we do not accept in Norway. It does not belong in Norway, “says Sandberg, according to NRK.
About the ban

Nikab, commonly used by a small group of women in strictly conservative Muslim environments, covers the entire face with the exception of the eyes. It is used with a hijab covering hair and throat.

The use of nikab is controversial. France, Belgium and some cantons in Switzerland have banned it in the public space. The garment is also forbidden in several Muslim countries.

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