Norway Police Warns Parents against New Facebook Update

The police have been observant of a new trend in social media. Younths send live images from bedroom in closed groups, writes VG.

Kari-Janne Lid, head of violence and sexual offenses in the Oslo police, says that a new Facebook update makes them more concern.

She reminded that pictures of young girls in their early teens emerged in different groups of youths on Facebook last week. Some of the groups have several thousand members and everyone has the opportunity to see and comment on the videos, says Lid to VG.

The phenomenon is not new but it’s new on Facebook, notes the police.

The reason for the increase in the images is that Facebook launched a new update several days ago. The new update enables the users to send instant pictures in various groups on Facebook.

As the trend spreads, the boys and girls started writing and sharing about every private details in large groups. It also leads to bullying and quests for  sexuality in early ages.


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