Norway Ambassador to Pakistan Died in Helicopter Crash

Foreign Minister Børge Brende  held a press conference at half past one on Friday afternoon and confirmed the death of Larsen.

With great sadness, we received news that our ambassador Leif Holger Larsen died in a helicopter crash in Pakistan, said he.

Brende also noted that Leif Holger Larsen was one of the best and most experienced employees of the Foreign Ministry. Our thoughts are with the family and with the families, added he.

In 2008, Larsen had survived from a terrorist attack on Hotel Serena in Kabul, and vowed to come back to help Afghanistan. 

Seven Causalities Confirmed

There were 17 passengers on the crashed helicopter flying to the region of Gilgit-Baltistan for a diplomatic visit. 11 of the passengers were foreigners and 6 were Pakistani. According to a spokesman for the Pakistani military, the helicopter crashed into a primary school and the school caught fire. As a result of the crash, four passengers and the two pilots were killed, while 13 were injured.

The ambassadors of Poland and the Netherlands are among those injured, according to NRK.

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