Nobel Protestor To Be Deported from Norway

The man had appeared on stage with a Mexican flag during the acceptance speech of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala in Oslo on Wednesday. The 21-year-old protestor reportedly wanted to draw attention to the situation in his country. 

“Please Malala, don’t forget Mexico,” shouted he, while a security guard escorted him away.

Police fear the protestor Adán Cortés Salas (21) may escape, and they decided to captivate him until he is sent out of the country, reports NRK. 

Salas has already received a fine of 15,000 NOK for public nuisance after he took up the Nobel stage. He sits on the closed asylum reception Trandum and that is where he will be held if he is imprisoned.

We want him in custody until he can be deported, said police lawyer Morten Urdal Johnsen said to NRK.

– My message was to request assistance to Mexico. I tried to tell Malala and Kailash Satyarthi about what is happening in Mexico, he said when NRK met him at Trandum yesterday.

Salas says he feels very insecure at the thought of going back to Mexico because of the situation there.

He applied for asylum in Norway, but it was confirmed that the application already has been denied before he stormed the stage at Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.


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