Shot Police Officer against Armament of Police in Norway

On Wednesday, a police officer was shot, while he and his colleague tried to contact a 69 year old man in Vinstra. 

The officer came come out of doctor’s office with a message against the armament of Norwegian police.

He believes carrying weapon debate must rather revolve around the handling of everyday assignments that meet with psychiatric patients and common criminals, than what a terrorist organization abroad have said, writes Dagbladet. 

– I mean we can not justify armament on a vague statement from an IS-man in Iraq or Syria about threats against the West, says the officer to Dagbladet. 

Last week, Police Intelligence Service notified increased terrorist danger in Norway, based on a sound clip terrorist organization IS published on September 21, where the spokesman encouraged the killing of “all allies” of the United States and read up a detailed list of simple tools and methods he believes terrorists can use. 

After PST’s assesment, Police Directorate asked for permission to general arming of uniformed emergency personnel on the basis of fear of terrorism. Justice Minister Anders Anundsen agreed general armament for four weeks. The Directorate has already announced that they will probably ask for an extension of the armament. 

Talking to Dagbladet, the shot police officer thinks it will be hard to go back to disarmament when the foundation was set like this. 

– I can not see how the assessment should be changed for the police to go back when the argument of armament is solely based on a vague IS statement, he says to Dagbladet. 




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