Mysterious Czech Man in Norway was a Police Consultant and Computer Expert

The mysterious amnesiac man who turned up in Norway but could not
remember his name or where he was from has met his family and the mystery has
started to unfold.

man talked
to his family up to four hours. Interviewing with TV2, he said
their voices and what they told
about his childhood seemed quite familiar.

– Things seem gradually clearer,
but it takes time. Now I have at least a fairly detailed life story, even if I
cannot remember everything. So I can continue into the future from this point,
says 36-year-old.

He also noted he has not lived with them for 18 years, since
he moved to Prague. After that, they know just
what he told them during that period.

A Police Consultant and Computer Expert

TV 2 also revealed his father told the man that he
worked as a consultant for Czech police before he disappeared. Also the father has worked in the police, as forensic

– The last thing they knew was that he worked with an
investigation in 2011 and would deliver results back to the investigators, but
did not do it, the mysterious man said.

Also his old friend, the prolific Czech Television
reporter Jiří Pánek, previously told TV2 that the man has had great
expertise in computers.

About the Mystery

36-year-old amnesiac was found helpless and poorly dressed in the snow in Oslo
last December. The man said he had no idea how he got there, and from where.

to AFP, he suggested he was apparently robbed and sexually assaulted, and then thrown
onto a street in Oslo.

The man, 1m 87, with blue eyes and dark blonde hair,
speaks good English with Slavic accent and understands Czech, Slovak, Polish
and Russian.

Norwegian police turned to international police
organisation Interpol to compare fingerprints and DNA with their databases to
unravel the mystery. Also the police released the man’s photos and details to
the public.

couple in 70s from Czech Republic identified the photos of their son and met him in

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