VG: Increased Security for Stoltenberg against Terrorist Threat

After he was confirmed as the new President-General of NATO last week, the security around former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens stoltenberg has been increased, reports VG. Information Officer at PST, Martin Bernsen, told the newspaper that they can not comment on the details of the security arrangements.

– Stoltenberg is a public authority with a security program that is continuously evaluated. When Stoltenberg starts his new job this fall, it would be natural to take a new assessment says Bernsen.

Bernsen also notes that NATO and Norwegian authorities are in a dialogue for his security.



– When a Norwegian gets this kind of hig profile job, it becomes part of our ongoing safety assessment for Norway, said Bernsen.

Terror Researcher Thomas Hegghammer at the Defence Research Institute (Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt- FFI) says having such a job increases the potential of being a terror victim:

– It is a very vulnerable position. We have seen many cases of attempted terrorism against NATO targets in Europe. In the 1970s – and 80s from leftist groups and in the 2000s from jihadists. It has been about buildings and bases, but there is reason to believe that these communities attack individuals if they get the chance, says Hegghammer to VG.

Political scientist and terrorism expert Marcus Buck from University of Tromsø also notes that the terrorist threat against a profiled Norwegian person like Stoltenberg increases the terrorist threat against Norway.

– Security must undoubtedly be increased around Stoltenberg. Increased terrorist danger is part of the price Norway has to pay to get a person in such a prominent position, he says to VG.

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