Norway May Fine Moose Collisions

Nearly 15.000 collisions between vehicles and mooses were registered in the last five years, and 400 cases have been registered in the first two months of 2014. As a reaction to this worrisome statistics, one of the nation’s leading moose researchers, Torstein Storaas suggests strong economic sanctions to bring down the number of collisions.

– Some of collisions may be tolerated, but if it turns out more than a certain number of moose collision per mile, Statens Vegvesen and Jernbaneverket must start paying for the moose. I suggest a fine of over 100.000 NOK, says Torstein Storaas at Hedmark University College to radio channel P4.

According to the radio channel, an average of two people die in these accidents per year. 

Press Officer Jan Erik Kregnes in Jernbaneverket believes the six-digit fine is the wrong measure to take, but confesses the high number of collision is a problem to tackle with.


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