Conservative Politician Wants to Legalize Cannabis Sale in Norway

– I’m not saying that drugs are harmless. It is of course not. No doubt there. But I think we have a better chance to control and reduce drug use by selling it legally over the counter than to have a total ban, says Erik Skutle to VG. 

So he believes Norwegian politicians must think again about drug policy. 

Skutle argues if they had used the pricing mechanisms, opening hours and other measures apllied for alcohol sale, they could reduce consumption of drug. It can be sold through pharmacies and Wine Monopoly, with very strict regulations. We need to reflect on whether bans work or not. There are very few who call for the prohibition of alcohol, although it is also harmful, says Skutle. 

Last month, police had raided on several high schools in Bergen and nearly 40 students were arrested for drug use. A survey done by the students showed more than 30 percent of the students had used cannabis. 

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