Record High Deportation from Norway

The increase from the previous year is 21 percent, according to the figures published today by Police Immigration Service (PU). 

– Forced return of sanctioned crime-fighting and removal of this group are PU’s important tasks, says PU-sjef Kristin Kvigne.

She noted forced return of subsequent prohibition of entry to Europe is an important tool against mobility of criminal networks. 

– In five years, Police Immigration Service nearly quadrupled the number of deportations of criminal aliens without legal residence in Norway , says Kvigne.

Up to 100,000 NOK per return

Afghans and Nigerians are the two largest groups in the transmission figures from PU with over 600 people from each country. Romanians are the third largest group , nearly 500 people were sent back to Romania last year.

PU’s goal is to increase the number of forced returns to 6,700 this year. A single forced return cost up to 20.000 NOK.

– In 40 percent of cases , we follow the person to be deported with two companions. We may travel to distant countries that are terribly expensive, says Kvigne.

According to PU chief, The cost of deportation to countries in Africa, for example, is formidable and can reach up to 100,000 NOK excluding labor costs.

Police Immigration Service (PU) received an additional grant of 150 million NOK in November. Soon after around 80 new jobs were announced in PU. The total budget for the immigration police is now 680 million NOK. 

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