– Do not Blame 150 others for One Applicant Did

On Tuesday night, a 30-year-old asylum seeker to be deported from the country killed three passengers with a knife on Valdresekspressen. While this news shocked many in the small community of Årdal, a strong criticism of asylum policy has started on both mainstream and social media.

As a reaction to stigmatizing accusations against all asylum seekers in the country, the young and elderly in Årdal collected in Farnes Church to discuss the atrocity in the mountains between Hume and Årdal.

The municipality’s emergency team, mayor, pastor and sheriff spoke to the assembly, which consisted of over a hundred people, with overwhelmingly adolescents, wrote TV 2.

Police chief Magne Knudsen gave a speech in which he went through the event of yesterday.

He emphasized that only culprit can be blamed for their actions and reminded that the 150 other asylum seekers in their city experienced the incident as tough as they do now.

– He is one of 151 asylum seekers in our city. Do not blame those 150 others for what one person has done, Knudsen said.

He also encouraged young people to be careful what they write on social media in connection with the triple murder.

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