All Major Parties are to Vote for Begging Ban in Oslo

Labor Party’s city council group leader Libe Rieber-Mohn said to Klassekampen that they are discussing the issue and there can be a majority vote for total ban on begging in the Norwegian capital. 

Progress Party group in Oslo, Carl I. Hagen, says his party will suggest the proposal to the new city council again and it is up to Ap whether the ban should be introduced immediately. 

Oslo Conservatives Eirik Lae Solberg also said to NRK that his party is in favor of begging ban that applies to the entire city. Liberals (Venstre) and the Christian Democratic Party are against the ban, but there is a majority support for the proposal as the Labor Party, the Conservative Party and the Progress Party are in favor of it. 

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Majority Wants to Ban Begging in Norway

No National Ban

On Monday, the new government presented that they are against a national ban on begging, but it must be up to each municipality to consider on the measurements locally. 

Labor has previously proposed begging ban in parts of the capital, but the proposal was rejected by the City Council in April. 

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