Chief of Oslo Police Warn against Illegal Labor Market

Talking to Aftenposten, Oslo police chief Hans Petter Sjøvold warns and believes that Norway needs completely new and unconventional measures to solve the problem of a parallel illegal labor. He stressed that this illegal structure is about criminal networks who cheats community for enormous values.

– It is a completely new situation. We need a new strategy to work in this area better. Several ministers should come together to create such a strategy, says Sjøvold.

He also note that they suspect revenue from the construction industry is channeled into human trafficking, drug trafficking and crime. Multi criminal networks in money laundering also invested in legal economy.

– The more I get to know about the crime rate in the labor market, the more convinced I become that we must adopt new methods against these criminal networks. This is a threat to legitimate business. Here criminals gain uncontrolled profits and investment in several criminal areas, says Sjøvold to Aftenposten.

He is equally concerned about the development in cleaning and serving and he thinks the transportation industry could be the next big problem.

Tax evasion related to money laundering is a major challenge in whole Europe, and is a priority due to poverty in many European countries. Coupled with high construction activity in Norway, the immigration from Eastern europe provides a special challenge.

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