Man Charged with Threats against Stoltenberg and Coup Plan in Norway

Telemark police lawyer Per Steinar Bungum said to Varden that Stoltenberg received the threat on 25 July. The man was reported to have written on his Facebook page that he would get Stoltenberg admitted to the psychiatric ward, and wrote very graphically how he would maim him there. He also wrote that he would commit coup in Norway.

The trial of the man starts on Tuesday in Lower Telemark District Court. He is also charged with a number of other offences, such as Youtube videos he published in June this year. In the videos he said among other things that he would blow up Porsgrunn city in Telemark. The indictment also includes threats against a police employee and an NRK journalist. He is also charged with using and storing hashish. Man denies guilt.

According to NSB’s report, the 39-year-old was last year sentenced to 84 days in the United States for having spawned death threats against President Barack Obama. The Telemark man is considered sane and mentally healthy according to psychiatrists who assessed him on two occasions. 

The man is also reported to be founder of several software companies that are doing well today. His lawyer Andreas Nyhaug says that the man has an IQ well above average. 

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