Norwegian Prime Minister’s Image Used on Controversial Book Cover in UK

According to NTB’s report, the image of the Stoltenberg is used on a controversial English book, “Race”, and the book cover has the picture of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, the Japanese Emperor Akihito and an unknown Australian Aborigines together with the Norwegian prime minister.

Prime Minister’s Office is not aware of the release of the book and the use of Stoltenberg’s picture on the cover. Purchasing amanger of the publishing house Ostara Publications, Brandon Grinaker writes in an e-mail to the Norwegian newspaper, VG that the image is freely available for use and that there is no mention of restrictions and copyrights on the websites of the Prime Minister.

Media Law Attorney Jon Wessel-Aas, however, denies Grinaker’s statement and told the newspaper that the picture was used in a context that does not have anything to do with Stoltenberg. Had there been a book about leaders or Jens Stoltenberg, it would be different, he says.

The book “Race” by John Randal Baker was first published in 1974, and is considered highly controversial. The book classifies human races in the same way in which animal subspecies are classified. In Race, Baker explores, among other things, the nature of civilization, giving 23 criteria by which civilizations may be identified. He explores the relationship between the biological traits and the cultures of five civilizations. Based on these criteria, Baker declared that Mesoamerican societies such as the Aztecs and Maya were not civilizations, and that no indigenous civilizations ever arose in Africa. 

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