Police Warn against Parallel Societies in Norway

The internal report from the Oslo police, which Aftenposten has gained access, shows that Sweden and other countries illustrate some of what the Norwegian police expect in the future.

“Violent politicized extremist groups pose a real threat to society. Events and unrest in various parts of the world can quickly end up in a violent conflict in Oslo”, the report writes.

The police refer to cases where political refugees were watched by spies from the regime they fled. The report mentions a specific example from Dale asylum reception centers, where a conflict between Chechens and Kurds ended in a murder, which today has escalated into a violent conflict between the Chechen and Kurdish community both in Norway and abroad.

The report also notes uncertainty to the generation of young men with war experience in international military operations. Most do well, while others have serious mental problems. One challenge is that they could hurt themselves and others. Another more serious problem is that they later come together negatively in a closed community, such Hells Angels- originated from the second World War ancestor. These people have acquired skills that are attractive to criminal groups and can provide police major challenges.

Warns against Inequality

In particular, an ailing labor market is mentioned as a potential cause of social unrest. Housing shortages, climate change, health care challenges, violations of democratic rights and pandemics are listed in the report.

-The great social change in our region has resulted in significant challenges for different groups of people. One question is whether these isolated groups will trigger social unrest due to strong discontent against a public system that is unfair and that fails to meet basic needs and benefits, “the report writes.

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