Norwegian Parliament Rejects Begging Ban

While summer approaches, begging debate is heated again. After yesterday’s voting in the parliament, a clear majority supports ban on begging in public places, but does not go so far as to a general ban.

The coalition government parties reject prohibiting begging, but at the same time recognize that there is a clear need to intervene with local regulatory measures.

The three parties vote to change the Police Act so that the decision is left to the police, in cooperation with local authorities, to determine the limitations of time and place for begging, or “one who will collect money in a public place for other purposes” , as it says in the new first paragraph of Article 14.

Conservatives and the Progress Party believes that it may be raised reasonable doubt about whether the proposal would limit the begging problem. They will have national initiatives and believes that the government simply push the problem to the police and local authorities. 

Conservatives and the Progress Party has announced an imminent ban if they win the election, and envisages fines or up to two months imprisonment.

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