Begging Ban on Agenda

Norwegian Police expect influx of beggars to Norway in summer. 70 Roma people have already settled in an empty studio flat in Oslo, writes TV2.

– We have clear evidence and intelligence reports that the number of beggars in Oslo this year will be much higher than we have ever experienced before. The increase will be solid. There is no doubt, police chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold says to VG. 

City council leader, Conservative politician Stian Berger Røsland suggests that people continue to come to Oslo for begging because of government’s policy.

The Conservatives (Høyre), Progress Party (FRP) and the Centre Party (Sp) have called for ban on begging previously. Justice Minister Grete Faremo also announced that the government wants to change the Police Act so that municipalities can regulate the time and place of begging.

Faremo stressed out that it will not be possible to ban it comptletely. On the other hand,  Progress Party voters support a ban on begging. 76 percent of the Progress Party voters are in favor of such a ban. 72 percent of Conservative voters say the same thing while Socialist Left (SV) voters is on the other end of the scale. Only 24 percent of SV voters are in favor of banning begging.

Police is Confused

The leader of Oslo Police Association, Sigve Bolstad said to TV 2 that he does not understand how he and his colleagues have to deal with the issue with the current legislative amendment. Bolstad thinks there should be either a total prohibition or freedom.

– For us it is important to emphasize that we fully understand the social and humanitarian situation these people have, but all experience shows that begging also generates crime, says Bolstad.

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