Norway to Prohibit Outdoor Accommodation

After the government’s  proposal to introduce mandatory reporting for beggars, the police directorate wants a general prohibition against beggary , writes Aftenposten. This can be done by prohibiting overnight stay in public places, according to the directorate.

In the proposal, it was pointed out that such a ban can be used to deal with groups that establish themselves in camps in more or less permanent basis. 

Justice Minister Grete Faremo is opposed a general ban on begging and would rather introduce mandatory reporting for beggars. The Directorate of Police had promoted this summer a complete ban on begging in the country after the heated Rome people debate in Norway. 

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In summer, around 200 Romani people had settled in front of Sofienberg church in Oslo, which received considerable public attention. After epresentatives from the church asked them to move out of  the church district, they had settled down in Ă…rvoll region of Oslo. During their stay, several people had attacked the camp with stones and fireworks. 

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