Electronic Bracelet Will Protect Domestic Violence Victims in Norway

The court will be able impose the use of reverse abuse alarm in acts of violence that occurred after 1 February 2013. The police are responsible for the scheme, and will manage it in collaboration with Correctional Services.  

When the court determines the perpetrator not to have access to a specific geographic area around the victim,  the perpetrator will be wearing  an electronic ankle bracelet. This bracelet will notify the police if the person moves into the forbidden area. The police will then notify the victim according to the convicted person’s movements, and go to arrest before the person reaches the victim. 

– This system gives police a new tool to protect victims of violence. The scheme will also help to move the burden of a threat situation from the victim to the defendant, said director of enforcement in the Police Directorate, Kristin O. Kvigne.

Security alarm vracelet is a new tool to combat domestic violence, which has been going on for several years. The project had been characterized by uncertainty since 2008 but the police directorate announced the system is ready to implement now.

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