Swedish Police Asked for a Valentine’s Kiss

The message which was shared on Wednesday afternoon has created storm in social media and Norwegian media. 

Here are those 7 tips from the Swedish police:

– Tomorrow is alla hjärtans dag (Valentine’s Day). We also need some love.

Here’s a lists of tips for what you can do to appreciate us:

1. Greet when the police pass by you (not with reversed hand and only middle finger up).

2. Take one further step towards patrols and tell how much you love them. (A kiss on cheek is also OK, but ask first!)

3. Call us or send a tip (or look at your local police website for e-mail)

4. Leave a flower outside the police station.

5. Do not commit burglary. (There’s no better way to say “I love you” to a police).

6. If you can not resist and are forced to commit burglary so be sure to leave some fingerprints or DNA at the crime scene. (Another good way to tell the police, “I love you but I am afraid to take the first step, so I want you to search me up instead.)

7. You can even write a nice comment here on Facebook.

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