Resigned Police Director Accuses Justice Minister

Talking to Norwegian daily VG, Mælend said that he was chosen as victim by politicians to clarify their situation in 22 July terrorist attacks. He suggested that Justice Minister Faremo used her incapacity by pushing him out as quickly as possible, and without speaking to him directly.

He reminded that the Justice Department Secretary Tor Saglie contacted him in the afternoon on Thursday, 16 August and asked him to clarify his position before a television debate started at 21:30.

Mælend added he does not understand why she put him in that situation. 

Mæland’s resignation had come after the report on 22 Jult attacks blasted police for poor communications and leadership. Many lives could have been saved, according to the independent report, if police had done a better job of stopping the terrorist who carried out a massacre on the island of {Utøya} after first bombing government headquarters in Oslo. Justice Minister {Grete Faremo} had also blamed Mælend.

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