First Victim of 22 July Report Becomes Police Director

Minister of Justice Grete Faremo (Labor Party) said during a live TV debate on Thursday night that the police director Oystein Maeland has resigned. The Evaluation Commission had pointed out extensive deficiencies in the implementation of the police action on 22 July terrorist attacks and indicated a need for a major change and development work in the Norwegian police.

Mæland stated in a press release that he was ready to take the responsibility to lead efforts to improve the Norwegian police and had received a great support from other police chiefs but he had not seen any sign of clear confidence from either Justice Minister Grete Faremo or other politicians. 

Faremo had stated last week that she was incapable of making decisions on how individuals had performed or not performed during and after the terrorist attacks, making Mælend confused for as to whether he can continue in his job. 

“When the minster and other politicians haven’t been able to clarify that without ambiguity, it’s impossible for me to continue this job. I have therefore decided to resign from my position.”, said he in his statements.

– Confidence by the justice minister is of course crucial to remain in my position. When the minister and other politicians have not clarified this clearly, it is impossible for me to go ahead with this work, said he.

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