Commission Criticizes Government for 22 July; Stoltenberg Accepts All Responsibility for Every Mistakes That Day

22 July Commission, having investigated 22 July terrorist attacks, has published their reports on Monday. 

What happened exactly, how the community handled the attacks and what was done to detect and prevent such a terrorist act? These were the central questions for the commission. Accordingly, the commision members have agreed on six major findings and 31 recommendations unanimously. 

• The attack on government building 22/7 could have been prevented through effective implementation of already adopted security measures.

• The government’s ability to protect people on Utøya failed. A faster police action was actually possible. Breivik could have been stopped earlier on 22/7.

• More security and preparedness measures to impede further attacks and reduce the adverse effects should have been implemented on 22/7.

• Health and rescue work encompassed the injured and their families in the acute phase in a good way.

• Government’s communication to the public was good. Ministries were able to continue their work despite their injuries.

• With a better working methods and a broader focus, Security Service (PST) could follow the perpetrator before 22/7. The Commission still has no basis for saying that PST thus could and should have averted the attacks.

In response to the harsh criticism against the government and PST in the report, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said that 22 July is about those who died and those who are left with the loss. But the report gives us a basis on which to act. Stoltenberg also emphasized that he is responsible for everything that went wrong on 22 July.

– The report gives us the opportunity to learn, but first and foremost to act. I take responsibility for and that is the best way I can fulfill my responsibilities as prime minister, says Stoltenberg to TV 2

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