Prime Minister Knew about This Relationship

According to Norwegian daily Dagbladet, the 16-year-old girl explained in interviews that Rune Øygard (Ap)said her that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg knew about their relationship, and that Stoltenberg said the alleged relationship was fine. 

Øygard was charged with sexual abuse of a girl in September 2011. The abuse allegedly took place during the period when the girl was 13 to 15 years old. According to the girl's lawyer, Nina Braathen Hjortdal, it involves several sexual encounters over a long period. The mayor denies the serious allegations and he will be on sick leave until the charges will be clarified.

However, neither the police or the girl's counsel are to confirm whether they are familiar with the new allegations about what Øygard should have said about Stoltenberg. The police also have not found it necessary to question Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg about the allegations.

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