Terrorist Attacks Have Changed Focus in State Budget 2012

After the criticism against the emergency preparedenss and police forces' lack of facilities, the government has decided to increase the budget of the police and the prosecuting authority with 696 million in 2012. At the same time, funding for Public Safety Network will be increased by 1.5 billion.

– This will be one of the largest investments in social security in Norway, says Justice Minister Knut Storberget.

Storberget also said that the government has invested a great deal of security and preparedness for a long time and they propose a strong continuation of this commitment. As a result, the government has increased funding for police and emergency response by 2.2 billion, said he.

Among other things, the government wants to continue to increase student intake to police colleges. At the same time, the pre-training of police college students will be facilitated.

Also, the emergency squad at the Oslo Police District and Police Security Service (PST) will be streghten to ensure that the Oslo police have resources to follow up investigative work after the attacks 22 July.

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