Increased sales of organic food

The very recent statistics from the Grocery Trade Association shows record sales of organic foods in the first half of 2011. The overall sales of organic food have reached up to 458.7 NOK. There is an increase of 4.8 percent which is 21 NOK from the same period in 2010.

More and more consumers demand organic foods, and sales of organic food in Norway which is now approaching one billion annually.

Lars Peder Brekk, The Minister of Agriculture says, the conscious consumers place their increasing demands for knowledge about food, both in terms of quality and how it is produced. Brekk, The government's goal is 15 percent of food production and food consumption in 2020 should be organic, says.

Norwegian Agricultural Authority (SLF) has obtained figures from the manufacturers and wholesalers that shows that sales of organic products is increasing again, after declining in 2010. Sales of organic products increased by almost five percent compared with first half of 2010. The positive sales curve for organic products applies to health food sector, specialty shops, catering and farmers market.

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