Bill Gates Meets Jens Stoltenberg

Stoltenberg and Gates discussed how to strengthen efforts to vaccinate the world's children. They have been working closely together to reduce child mortality in poor parts of the world for years. After the meeting, Stoltenberg and Gates held a press conference in the press room in the government's representation in the construction Riddervolds gate 2.

– Norway is a global leader in development and Norwegians should be proud of their generosity, “said Gates. Bill Gates also suggested that they can save four million lives by 2015 by ensuring that children worldwide have access to lifesaving vaccines, If more countries follow Norway's example.

– I am very glad to cooperate with Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation to improve funding for vaccines. Commitment, innovation and efficiency are characteristics of Gates' approach to development. Vaccination is the most effective tool for public health. Therefore, more countries should put more money in vaccination”, said Stoltenberg.

In 2000, the GAVI Alliance for Vaccines and launched, with support from Bill Gates Foundation and Norway. Until now, GAVI has helped to vaccinate more than 250 million children and according to estimates from the World Health Organization, saved five million lives.

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