China Sets Murderer Free: A Nobel Prize Message?

Chinese authorities suggested that Zhao Fei was set free due to lack of investigative documents from Hungary. However, Pernille Marie Thronsen’s family finds it offensive that her killer goes free in Beijing’s streets and they question why he was released at this time, even though he was captured in September.

The Nordic Police representative in China suggested this kind of releases happens when the arrests have a serious mental illness, and need medical attention. He said he found it very unusual.

The assistant director of Foreign Affairs Department, Ragnhild Imerslund told they received notification from the Chinese government late last week that Zhao Fei was released with the notification, after having been imprisoned for 30 days. According to Chinese law, one can not keep a person in custody for more than 30 days without obtaining new evidence.

About the Incident

Norwegian Pernille Marie Thronsen and Chinese Zhao Fei were both students in Hngary, Budapest. Thronsen was found murdered in an apartment in Hungary on 29 August, 2010.

Zhao Fei left Hungary by plane a few hours after the murder. He later turned himself in to the Chinese police and confessed the murder of the Norwegian girl.

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