Few Foreigners in Police

In 2005, every fifth habitant in Oslo had a foreign background, while this rate was 1 percent in the city’s police population. Kjetil Telle, scientist in Statistics Norway, has comed to this conclusion after having done research of the police crews in 27 police districts.

The numbers shows that foreigners are very little integrated in the police. The 2005 numbers reveal that in most cities there is not one police post positioned by an immigrant, or by a Norwegian from foreign parents.

The highest amount is in the districts of East-Finnmark, where 4 percent of the posts are possessed by people with foreign background. In Follo and Southern Buskerud, the equivalent number is 2 percent.

In Oslo, where foreigners and second generation foreigners formed 22 percent of the population in 2005, only 1 percent of the police posts were held by foreigners.

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