Non-Fiction Books Determine Headlines in Norway

The news stories from the books appeal media attention. The latest example of this interest has been a book's revelaing the investigation scandal in Norway's biggest espionage,

Treholt's case. The book written by a former journalist proposed that the evidences in the espionage case were fabricated by the Norwegian police and the story hit the headlines in Norway.

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– The police fabricated Treholt-proofs

Einar Ibenholt, publishing director of general literature in Gyldendal said that developments in the book industry indicate that documentary books have stolen the media's role. Tore Rem's Bjørneboe biography, Morten Strøksnes' Congo-documentary, Hannah Helseth's debate book “Generation Sex”, Geir Selvik Malthe-Sørensen and Kjetil Bortelid Mæland's book about Treholt case are the concrete examples of this reality. Ibenholt suggests that these books have a content that is not only suitable for debate – but a pure news source.

The professor of nonfiction research at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo, Johan Tønnesson explains the increased attention to non-fiction as news and celebrity factor. -The book about the Treholt case generates news, and creates a national trauma. It would have been different if it had been a fiction book about the case, said he.

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