"Special Measures" for a Safer Pathway to School in Oslo

Thousands of children will start school in Oslo on Monday, August 23. It means that many small children will be in traffic on their way to and from school. As most of those children are inexperienced in traffic, all drivers need to pay extra attention.

This is the reason why the Oslo police, in cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Traffic Administration and Safe Driving, increased the measures around the schools with a campaign named 'Special school 2010″. The campaign intends to make the pathway safe for school children, and make all the ones in traffic be more attentive to have additional considerations.

In the frame of the measures, Oslo police have already started their traffic control along the school. The police will focus more on traffic controls and protection of children in the car.

Police sergeant Hans-Olaf Lier called all motorists to help them by respecting the speed limits. The police also urge parents not to rush and create unnecessary traffic hazard on school campuses.

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