Floods in Northern Norway , Bright Sun in Southern Norway

– There is going to be pretty nice weather in many parts of the country, but sharp decrease in pressure will cause the nasty weather in Finnmark, said state meteorologist Mette S. Skjerdal .

Sun and well in Southern Norway

After many days of inexhaustible amounts of precipitation , finally dry and nice weather will come to the South , East and West coast and in Mid- Norway during the weekend.

Dry in Western Norway

West coast, which has had the worst weather in the country in recent days , can finally look forward to some nice weather.

– It's been good on the west coast , but there may be some local afternoon showers in the interior districts of western Norway on Friday , especially south of the Sognefjord, says Skjerdal.

Nasty weather in Northern Norway

Those who are not so lucky with the weekend weather are the ones from North Norway, especially Troms and Finnmark.

– The powerful low-pressure on the coast will give nasty weather and heavy rainfall over Finnmark with a lot of rain and high winds , says Skjerdal .Finnmark may also experience strong breeze , especially on Friday.- There will be a stiff northwest breeze in Finnmark on Friday, and storms in the eastern part of Finnmark coast , says Skjerdal .

Skjerdal also noted that sunday seems to be the best day in the country.

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