Sentenced for Human Trafficking

Police in Romerike had noted that there were a large number of Indian asylum- seekers to the airport via Moscow. The asylum seekers had arrived in groups of two to four people, and often had Indian passports with fake Greek visa. Many of the Indians disappeared from the reception center , and some of them were later arrested in other European countries and returned back to Norway in 2007.

The investigation showed that the 42 -year-old had helped the Indians with tickets so they could travel illegally in Norway and other European countries. He assisted with the delivery of money to Indians who had come to Norway illegally, and he also helped with transportation of some Indian citizens to the airport . The case was partly investigated in cooperation with the Finnish police.

– The ruling was in accordance with the prosecution's assertion, “said Chief of Forvaltningsavdelingen at Romerike police , police inspector in January Eirik Thomassen.

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