Fight against Human Trafficking

The police set on fighting against human trafficking. Both a phone line has been opened and new information material for possible victims were prepared to prevent criminal networks and individuals who are behind human trafficking activities.

To succeed in this struggle, a special cooperative unit was established. The unit called KOM (Coordination Unit for the victims of trafficking) is administered by the Police Directorate as a part of government’s action plan against human trafficking.

Dedicated telephone line

KOM has developed new materials that are targeted at those identified as potential victims of trafficking. In September, a special telephone line that is operated between 08.00 and 16.00 in weekdays has been opened. The phone number is 47 45 15 00

– There are some police who are responsible to investigate human trafficking issues. Victims or others who wish to inform will turn to their local police, “said the police inspector Benedikte Høgseth in the Police Directorate.

In relation to the action plan, people who are identified as potential victims of trafficking will also be provided with legal assistance, safe housing and work or residence permit.

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