Families evacuated on Lovund Island after the storm

The families living on the island Lovund at Helgeland in Nordland county have been evacuated after a fierce storm breaks on late Thursday.

28 people have been evacuated from their homes on the island after several rock falls incidents were reported near the residential houses. The school in the same area was also closed. The evacuated families are housed in motels and with family and friends on the island.

No people or buildings have been harmed so far come.

Geologists from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute will conduct research in the area in the following days. Bad weather with lots of wind and rain makes it currently impossible to assess the landslides in the area.

The local crisis unit has been established on the island with local police. The unit will ensure the safety of the residents.

Note: Lovund is an island and a village in Lurøy Municipality of approximately 380 inhabitants. The island has an area of 4.9 km ². The island community mainly live on fishery and salmon farming.

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