Norwegian News Site Fights Trolls By Making You Read Before Commenting

In an effort to hinder malicious online trolls, NRKbeta has implemented a ban on commenting for those that aren’t able to prove that they have read the article that they are commenting on.

Commenters are now required to correctly answer three simple multiple choice questions in order to gain permission to write in the comment section. The questions are randomized for each user.


NRKbeta, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK’s tech subsidiary, is one of few sections of NRK that still has a comment section. Editor of NRKbeta Marius Arnesen claims that the comment section is usually friendly because the website is a niche project and has a friendly community, which likes to hold a high standard of discussion. However, occasionally articles from NRKbeta will end up on NRK’s frontpage and that is when it starts to get messy.

“Generally, we see that many people just read the headline and a few lines before rushing into the comment section to participate in the debate,” Arnesen told AFP.

The goal behind the mini quiz is to ensure that everybody has the same basic understanding of what the article is about before they comment. NRKbeta has a lot of tech-savy readers that can easily get around the quiz. However, the creators point out that the feature isn’t for those people, but for people that just go on a rant without reading the article.

“If you’ve been annoyed by something in the article, you’re forced to pause, think a little, and read the article if you haven’t already done so,” he added.

NRKbeta’s experiment is still in the early phases. It is too soon to draw any definitive conclusions, according to Arnesen. If it proves to be successful, they might expand the feature to all of the articles.

Did you read the whole article?

As an experiment, answer a few short questions before writing in our comment section on Facebook. If you’d like to leave a comment, include your answers to the following quiz in your comment.

1. What website is this article about?
C. NRKbeta

2.. How many questions are commenters required to answer?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4

3. What is the point of the mini quiz?
A. To give the website a satisfactory rating.
B. To hinder people from ranting and commenting without knowledge of the article.
C. To stop robots from spamming the website.


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