Conservatives and Labor Party in Pokémon Fight in Norway Parliament

Pokemon Go has become very popular among Labor Party politicians, writes VG. However, Høyre is not very happy with the politicians playing Pokemon Go in Stortinget.

The official Conservatives instagram account published a picture of the Pokemon “Pidgey” with spread wings inside the parliamentary hall. Two days ago,  Conservative MP Heidi Nordby Lunde had critized the Ap politicians for Pokemon Go habit. 

– We (Conservatives) are very positive about the Pokémon Go and the effects the game has on society, but we think it’s okay to put away the game in the Parliament, says Lunde.

Parliament is not a playground. Out of respect, it’s nice if we can do the activity in free time, adds she.

After Høyre official instagram account published the Pokemon picture from the parliement, Ap politician Torstein Tvedt Solberg says to VG that the picture shows Conservatives play the game hidiously.  

– I think Conservatives are addicted to the game  more than they want to admit, says Solberg.

He jokingly says that it might be a strategy to secure the most sought Pokemons for themselves. 

Christian Democratic Party (KrF) leader Knut Arild Hareide also joins the discussion from twitter. Hareide reminds an occasion when the Conservative Member of Parliament Trond Helleland was caught red-handed while playing a mobile war game in the Parliament.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservative) is also known as a big fan of Candy Crush. 


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