Former Norway PM and NATO Leader Compares IS with Breivik

Current NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg was prime minister of Norway, when right wing terrorist Breivik planted a bomb in Oslo and massacred tens of teenagers on Utøya island in 2011. In his manifesto, Breivik had religious and ideological references.

Talking to DN, Stolberg thinks Breivik and IS have commonalities and there is no pint to blame a religion.  

– What they have in common is an absolute contempt for human beings and human rights, and abuse of religion and ideology. 22 July and IS terror are both reminders that there are religious groups or individuals who are responsible, whether it’s a white boy in Oslo or a Muslim who abuse Islam in Aleppo or Paris, says Stoltenberg.

He also states that they must confront all forms of violence and extremism irrespective of the source.

– IS uses Islam as others have misused Christianity. The terror we have seen in Norway used other religions and ideologies, says the NATO chief to DN.



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